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Mvmnt & Co. Studio

Remedial Massage Therapy Camden

With great therapists come great results!

Have you ever wasted money on an average massage? 

Only to feel no improvement at all, or even worse after the treatment? Us too… and we can’t stand it!

We’re your neighbourhood sanctuary that treats stress, pain, injury.

It’s nice to be kneaded. 

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About our Massage:

+Diploma of remedial Massage Therapy

+Manual Lymphatic Drainage

+Pregnancy Massage

+Trigger Point Therapy  

+Health Fund Rebates Available




After a thorough health history and assessment we explain why and how RMT can help improve your injury. 

We work with you to develop a treatment plan and always treat within your pain tolerance. 


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

De-stress and debloat in one beautiful treatment.  

Relaxing and therapeutic: MLD can be used on it’s own to treat ankle swelling, bloating, Lymphedema, facial and sinus congestion.


Relaxation Massage  Therapy

Not just a treat, also a treatment. 

Our relaxation massage can be a 60, 75 or 90 minute appointment. Generally full body with a focus on head, neck, and shoulders where people feel like they “hold their stress” the most.

remedial massage
pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage in Camden

“Maria is the best of the best. I have been going to her for massage for a couple of years now and no one compares.

I feel completely reset and brand new after each and every session!”

– Alexia Tomasiello