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Mvmnt & Co. Studio

Informed Consent

Here you can find information on using the services at MVMNT & CO. Studio in Camden. To view Pilates consent information, please scroll down.

Massage Waiver:

I have chosen to consult with and hereby give consent for massage therapy to be provided by Maria Napier, who I understand is a member of the Association of Massage Therapists Ltd (AMT). I have provided a detailed medical history. I do not expect the therapist to have foreseen any previous or pre-existing condition that I have not mentioned. I understand that massage may provide benefits for certain conditions but results are not guaranteed. These benefits may include relief of muscular tension, relaxation, reduction in the symptoms of stress-related conditions and provision of general wellbeing.

I also understand that massage therapy may produce side effects such as muscle soreness, mild bruising, increased awareness of areas of pain and light-headedness amongst other possible temporary outcomes.
I am aware that the therapist does not diagnose illnesses, prescribe medications nor physically manipulate the spine or its immediate articulations. The therapist understands that I have the right to question procedures used and to receive an explanation of any procedures that the therapist performs. I will tell the therapist about any discomfort I may experience during the therapy session and understand that the therapy will be adjusted accordingly.

Pilates Waiver:

I understand that there is a risk associated with undertaking any exercise program.

I understand (a) whilst every care will be taken it is impossible to predict the body’s exact response to exercise and (b) every effort will be made to minimise these risks.

I agree that the instructor shall not be liable for injuries I suffer in respect of:
-Pilates exercises I perform outside of a supervised Pilates session.
-Pilates exercises performed other than in accordance with the direction and instructions of the instructor.
-Undertaking Pilates exercises while suffering from an injury or ailment of which I have not informed the instructor.
Mishap or injury inflicted by other participants of the Pilates group.
-Any injury sustained while on the premises resulting from personal inattentiveness.
-Lack of care by the studio or building in regard to maintenance of the premise.